Is solid wood hanger easy to use?


Solid wood hanger is a hanger made of solid wood, which is made of oak, pine and other materials. The texture of solid wood hanger is clear, the appearance is natural, strong and durable, it is a very natural furniture. Is solid wood hanger easy to use? Solid wood has good plasticity and can be made into various shapes to meet the needs of humanization. Its structure is either tenon, riveting or glued, the former is more environmentally friendly.

Solid wood floor hanger

Solid wood floor hanger is a kind of household goods standing on the ground for hanging clothes. It is generally made of pine, walnut and other solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and fashionable. At present, there are a variety of structures to adapt to different occasions and uses, common are: "X" type, mobile type, butterfly type, column type.

Butterfly type: generally used in balcony, for drying pillows, hanging clothes, towels, etc;

Column type: mainly used for indoor hanging clothes, handbags, etc;

"X" type (can be converted): mainly used for outdoor, terrace, balcony, for drying sheets, clothes;

Mobile type: divided into single pole and double pole, with wheels below, generally used for hanging clothes indoors.

Pay attention to collocation when purchasing solid wood clothes rack

1. The style and color of the coat rack should be consistent and coordinated with the home style, so as not to be too abrupt, lose the role of foil, and reduce the taste of the room.

2. The color of the coat rack is best to match with the wardrobe, so as to complement each other and create an aesthetic and warm home.

3. The size of the clothes rack should match the length of your clothes and the number of clothes to hang. If you have a lot of long clothes, you should buy a longer clothes rack. If you only hang your coat, the height of the clothes rack can be slightly lower.

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