Which is better between stainless steel hanger and aluminum alloy hanger?


Stainless steel hanger and aluminum alloy hanger are metal hangers at the same time. Both of them have the characteristics of metal hanger: strong bearing capacity, hanging heavy clothes are not easy to deform, strong and durable; texture, a noble temperament; not as aging as plastic hanger. If stainless steel hanger and aluminum alloy hanger are compared, aluminum alloy hanger has more advantages than stainless steel hanger.

The material of hanger is developed from wood to stainless steel, and then to aluminum alloy and the latest aviation material aluminum titanium alloy, which is constantly promoting the development. Aluminum alloy products have high strength, not easy to break and strong flexibility. Compared with stainless steel hanger, aluminum alloy is more antirust, and will not fade after long-time use. It is not easy to blacken and rust. However, stainless steel will blacken, lose luster and rust after long-time use or long-time contact with water. And aluminum alloy is lighter, lighter and more beautiful than stainless steel. However, aluminum alloy hanger will be more expensive than stainless steel hanger, because the service life of aluminum alloy is longer than stainless steel, in fact, aluminum alloy hanger is more affordable, which is a good choice!

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