How to judge the high grade solid wood clothes hanger?


Solid wood products are not difficult to judge, solid wood is basically transparent, even if there is a post-processing color, but the natural wood grain can be better identified, the texture of solid wood is clear and natural, crisscross and crisscross, combined with hanger modeling style simple, can let consumers bring better quality life experience.

The quality of wood

This part is the attention of the solid wood hanger, because some wood has more knots, which not only affects the appearance, but also reduces the strength of the solid wood hanger. Better solid wood, will have a light wood fragrance, but not a moldy taste, or bad smell. We should also pay attention to whether the hanger is dry. If it feels ice cold, it may contain water in the hanger. Solid wood products pay more attention to the degree of drying, otherwise in use, the probability of deformation will be higher.

Touch the surface

Solid wood hangers will be polished many times, from rough to fine, so high-grade solid wood hangers feel better, delicate and comfortable, especially now the importance of environmental protection, the market is also popular non spray painted solid wood hangers.

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